Patron-related Policies and Procedures

Effective August 5, 2021

Entering Wells Village Library (WVL) implies agreement to abide by the following policies/guidelines while on premises. Violation may result in individual(s) being suspended from use or permanently banned, including the possible issuance of a no-trespass order.

WVL supports the Library Bill of Rights in all its interpretations by the American Library Association.  To protect all library users’ right to seek information and ideas in a safe, peaceful environment, WVL staff shall ask anyone interfering with others’ rights to leave.  

In order to maintain an environment conducive to browsing, reading, studying or otherwise using library resources, the WVL Board of Trustees hereby establishes the following policies/guidelines related to patron/visitor behavior in order to ensure everyone’s safety and the reasonable enjoyment of shared resources:

  1. Patrons and visitors shall at all times be respectful and considerate of library staff and other patrons and visitors;
  2. WVL material/property shall be handled with care to prevent damage and promote usability/enjoyment by others;  
  3. Only registered patrons may borrow resources and all resources will be properly checked out prior to leaving the building;
  4. There shall be no eating within WVL unless it is part of a special event or program;
  5. Smoking and alcohol consumption are not permitted within WVL, in its parking area or anywhere on the town green;
  6. There shall be no young children left unattended within WVL, in its parking area or anywhere on the town green (all children’s programming shall have ample adult volunteer/parent/guardian supervision in place);
  7. Littering is not permitted within WVL, in its parking area or anywhere on the town green;
  8. Conversations, both in-person and by telephone, shall be quiet and polite.  Abusive and/or offensive language is not permitted;
  9. There shall be no loitering within WVL or in its parking area.  Patrons and visitors may enjoy the town green so long as use entirely adheres to this policy statement;
  10. There shall be no disorderly, disruptive, harassing or threatening behavior within WVL, in its parking area or anywhere on the town green;
  11. WVL has zero tolerance for behavior that violates public laws governing criminal behavior such as, but not limited to, lewdness, breach of peace, disorderly conduct, stalking, assault and vandalism; hence, one such incident will result in state police involvement and banning from WVL, its parking area and the town green;
  12. There are no firearms allowed within WVL.


In most cases, one verbal warning will be issued to any patron/visitor in violation of the enumerated policies.  A second violation may result in suspension and/or permanent banning (possibly including the issuance of a no-trespass order).  No warning required.  All library staff may enforce policy.  Library staff will utilize local/regional/state law enforcement when appropriate/necessary.

While we can not make someone with a criminal past leave the library solely on the grounds of previous behavior, anyone currently behaving inappropriately or in direct conflict with these established policies/guidelines shall be warned and bear consequences as herein outlined.  

At all times, WVL will be mindful of protecting civil liberties. Staff shall not discuss policy breaches with other patrons/visitors, community members and/or the media unless the WVL Board of Trustees – in  consideration of public safety – approves the outreach.

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